We recognise and celebrate the extra talent of our students and motivate them to shine in their respective fields. I express my heartiest gratitude to the teachers and parents for their support and collective efforts towards developing these young talents, guiding them to achieve something substantial in life and, above all, raising them with a kind attitude. Whatever our students have achieved so far would never have been possible without your constant efforts and support.“ Serdar Sakman, Head of School

Over 90 isoc students were awarded on Thursday, 8th December, during a ceremony which has become tradition at isoc. Each year, isoc celebrates its top academic achievers, national and international competitions winners, extracurricular activities achievers, as well as contribution to the isoc community.

Thank you to Filip I., the isoc Head Boy for exceptionally presenting the Awards Ceremony in front of a numerous audience formed by the awardees’ families, teachers, and staff. A big thank you goes to the isoc Band who was in charge with the music entertainment and delighted the audience with “Everybody’s changing” from Keane and “Take on me” from A-HA.

Last, but not least, thank you to our Head of Enrichment, Ms Teodora Varzaru, in charge of the event and to our sponsor, Librariile Carturesti.

” I am an example of student who was noticed and encouraged by the right teachers and supported by my parents despite the efforts, who wishes to pass on the favour and believes that our mission as teachers is to inspire, motivate, guide, support and celebrate our young. Because if we, as adults, do these things, our students will surprise us by accomplishing much more than we initially expected of them.” Teodora Varzaru, Secondary School Head of Enrichment

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