School Fees

Discover the best value in international education at ISOC - compared to the other British-style international schools in Bucharest. There are no extras (‘campus’ or ‘development’ fees), and many of our extensive range of extra-curricular activities are free of charge. Our commitment to affordability doesn't compromise our dedication to providing an exceptional education. Our comprehensive range of extra-curricular activities is also available at no extra charge, making isoc the best choice for families seeking a high-quality education at an affordable cost. Our fees are reviewed annually by the Board in January, and flexible payment options are available through our Finance Department.

School fee for the academic year 2024/2025


Ages 2-5



KS 1/2
Year 1-6



KS 3
Year 7-8-9


We are pleased to continue providing families with easy payment options relating to tuition billing and payment.

Registration Fee

  • The registration fee is 1.000 euros and is a non-refundable, one-time payment.


  • A special education fee of 2.000 euros per year, in addition to the tuition fee, is applicable for students entering Years 3-10 who are placed in the ESL programme and for all students entering the special needs programme. This fee is crucial in providing the necessary resources and support for these students.


  • ISOC offers a special discount for siblings as follows:

    • 2 siblings registered at the school-5%
    • 3 and more siblings registered at the school-10%

    The following costs are in addition to school fees: uniform, external exams, some extracurricular activities and residential trips.

    Lunch and Transport are optional services not included in the school fees.