Student Life

At Collegiate, students will have a basic understanding of and be able to apply the formal concepts of visual design through composition, color theory, and graphic rendering. Throughout the curriculum, students will link these formal design concepts to both two dimensional and three dimensional designs.

School is not all about studying, lessons, homework and exams. School at isoc means so much more!  Just check out this clip below to get a flavour of what life at the isoc is all about… 

The registration for clubs/enrichment activities

The registration for clubs/enrichment activities have started and it will last until Friday, 13th January 2023.
This year, registrations will only be done via Educare. Please follow these steps:
2. Click on the “Clubs” icon on the task bar at the top of the window.
3. Click on “Club”
4. Click on one of the clubs listed under “Available compulsory clubs” for details, then click on “Register Club” to complete registration.
5. Click on one of the clubs listed under “Available optional clubs”
*If you would like to make a school bus request, please contact directly the Black and White Travel Company before you register the child for the activity, as they are entirely responsible for organising the transport.

If you do not know your username and password for Educare or have not accessed Educare before, please contact primary office ( primary.office@isoc.ro) or secondary office (secondary.office@isoc.ro).


Please do not hesitate to contact Mrs. Ingrid Stanciu, Head of Enrichment, at ingrid.stanciu@isoc.ro for further information.

Pre k to igcse and ibdiploma

Why isoc is the best School for Education?

isoc promotes an enjoyment of learning, creativity and excellence whilst working in close harmony with our diverse community. We enable students to reach their full potential and develop skills to become independent, respectful and caring adults who will be successful and contribute to global society.


Ability communicate effectively.


Private room and nurse


All activities during or after school


School Bus, Food    and Uniform


Essay writing for         IA and EA 


PBL based projects, First step.