isoc Andromeda Robotics Team Qualifies for the First Tech Challenge Nationals

Congratulations to our amazing students from FTC team Andromeda for their outstanding performance in the regional competition! Out of 85 teams, they ranked 30th and secured a spot in the nationals! We are extremely proud of their hard work, dedication and passion for STEM. Stay tuned for more updates on their journey to nationals!

We have asked our teams’ members to tell us a little bit more about their experience during the First Tech Challenge. Here’s what they have to say.

“The first three days of this week Andromeda, the isoc robotics team participated in the regionals for First Tech Challenge held in the Politehnica University of Bucharest. Our team qualifed for the National round of the competition, which is taking place between 10th to 12th of March. We are overjoyed to continue the building process of the robot, the programming challenges, and to restock and design our promotional materials for the new competition.  

Going into it, we didn’t have very high hopes, due to our lack of experience, but we managed to score well in the matches, and had a lot of teams from all over Romania helping us to achieve our goals. We made a lot of friends through the competition such as the 6 teams we collaborated with to compete against other teams, and we shared our common passions for STEM as well as using the time we spent together to learn and improve. 

On the last day, we started the day by winning our last match, and we were ecstatic to see that our ranking had gone up to 30th out of the 81 teams competing. We celebrated a birthday alongside other team members, and then danced the Hora in the hallways. When we went to the award ceremony and our name was not mentioned for the award we were aiming for, the entire team got sad, and when the MC said the list of the qualifying teams ended, there were teary eyes in the audience. However, an organiser told them there was more to the list. An eruption of applause followed our team name being announced and we were all beaming and shouting. Happy tears followed and our entire team ended the day on the best note possible, celebrating the upcoming steps of our FTC journey.” Andromeda Robotics Team

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