Integration of Character Education

Communicating Clear and Consistent Expectations—Everywhere

It’s important to consider all available avenues to integrate your identified character traits throughout the school building and the school day. The same goes for your expectations—if everyone is on the same page, it will be easier for students to understand appropriate behaviour. Students should be able to practise CORE

  • Confidence, Communication, CC

  • Open-mindedness,  O

  • Responsibility, Respect RR

  • Empathy. E

 in science class, gym class, the lunchroom, after-school activities, school events and outside of the school.

A great use of student creativity and influence is to allow students to create and communicate ways of practising CORE. Have them identify ways to practise the CORE in each setting and work with the adults in that space to ensure expectations meet the expected standard. All stakeholders’ buy-in is also an important part of this process. As they are involved in processes, they are more apt to participate because their voice is included and appreciated willingly.

“We are practising the CORE during the Winter Fair” short video competition is a nice example of engaging all the stakeholders to determine ways and encourage everyone to practice the CORE, specifically during the Winter Fair.

Firstly, we have asked everyone to share their opinion on practising CORE during the winter fair.

Secondly, we designed a poster to display the input of the stakeholders.

Thirdly, share the poster with stakeholders.

Fourthly, we asked our students to share a short video on how they practised the CORE during the winter fair.

Following this way helped us to be on the same page and be clear about basic ways to practice the CORE during the Winter Fair.

This experience will help all stakeholders, especially students, to think about ways to practice CORE in other areas of their life.

We are practising C.O.R.E. everywhere and all the time!

Because it is the right thing to do!

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