We would like to introduce the Busy Bee at isoc Parents and Toddlers Playgroup. This playgroup will provide an opportunity for parents or caregivers to come to isoc with young children from 18 months to 3 years old to learn together through play. It will provide a wonderful opportunity for children and parents to interact and connect, within a fun and safe environment. Our Parent and Toddler playgroup is a fantastic way to introduce your child to school life and make new friends.


  • Provide a safe and stimulating environment. to provide a social outlet for parents/guardians/carers and their children to meet with each other.
  • Provide children with opportunities which may not be available at home such as messy play, creative play, songs and stories.

What Happens During a Parent Toddler Play Group session?

Parents, carers, guardians and children are welcomed.

  • A programme of activities will be in place for the children.
  • Light refreshments will be available for children and adults.
  • All adults and children will help at “Tidy Up” time.
  • All parents/carers are responsible for their own children, at all times.

The new playgroup will start on Friday, 13th May. The session will run from 2pm to 2:45pm. The last playgroup for the year will be Friday, 17th June 2022. Please register by contacting admissions@isoc.ro

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