Teacher Testimonials

"The isoc staff are here for the children, first and foremost, and those in positions of authority help staff deliver the very best for the children. I look back at my time at isoc, and I see how isoc got better for the children, I see how isoc got better for the parents and I see how isoc got better for the staff. Looking to the future, I see how isoc wants to get even better again.

Every child, wherever they are in the school, is learning and improving and that is what matters as a school. That every child is having the help and support, and that every teacher is having the help and support, that they need is the key factor in any successful school. The staff at isoc are there for one purpose; to improve children’s life chances.

Especially in this time where people, countries and cultures try to play each other off against themselves or each other. isoc shows that unity and respect works, is possible, and is the way forward. isoc is a team. It is a family of sorts, with a mix of Primary and Secondary. But best of all isoc is a team, family and group of colleagues who want to be better for the children."

Mr. Peall (2012-2017), UK

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Mr. Peall (2012-2017), UK