U14 Eagles Basketball Team: 3rd Place at the Slam & Jam Inter-Schools Tournament

The U14 Eagles Basketball team, coached by our two brilliant IB students , Arda and Emir U., recently participated in an intense 8 team inter-schools basketball tournament at Aisoc. Despite an initial setback, losing their first match by a narrow margin, the Eagles regrouped with renewed determination. Their cohesive movement and robust defense led them to secure victories throughout the tournament.

Facing various opponents, the Eagles demonstrated resilience and teamwork, culminating in a third-place finish.

In the finals for the bronze, they showcased grace and maturity, embodying the school motto, HERO. Our team exhibited exceptional sportsmanship and leadership qualities.

Throughout the tournament, the Eagles’ unwavering spirit and collective effort reflected their commitment to excellence. Their journey was marked by challenges overcome and lessons learned, illustrating the indomitable spirit of youth athletics. As they navigated the competition with grit and skill, the U14 Eagles left an inspiring mark on the court, embodying the essence of sportsmanship and camaraderie. Well done, Eagles, we are very proud of you!

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