isoc Qualifies for the World Scholars’ Cup Global Round

isoc was the proud host of Bucharest Round of the prestigious World Scholar’s Cup(WSC) again this year. Each year thousands of students on six continents participate in the World Scholar’s Cup. Over 140 students from 7 schools participated in the Bucharest Round hosted by isoc. Congratulations to everyone, teachers and students for qualifying in the next stage of the competition, the Global Round!

The World Scholars Cup Bucharest Round was featured on the popular morning show ’Super Neatza cu Răzvan și Dani’ on TV! A huge thank you to ’Super Neatza cu Răzvan și Dani’ for having us on the show and for giving us the chance to spread awareness about the World Scholars Cup and the amazing opportunities it offers to students around the world.

isoc students’ feedback after the competition:

In my opinion, WSC helps bring confidence and creativity to students along with education and teamwork.

Karina S

Looking back, I feel proud of the awards I got from the World Scholar’s Cup and I’m grateful for the experience that helped me develop my skills. I highly recommend this competition to everyone looking to expand their knowledge and skills. Carol R

The school should continue hosting the WSC as it is a very popular competition that I’m sure all participants enjoyed taking part in.” Kehao C

The combination of intellectual challenges and fun activities made for a truly memorable event. I can’t wait to partake in the global round and experience the thrill of the World Scholars Cup once again.” Mattia B

 The Global Round is in London! Looking forward to it! Thank you Scholar’s Cup!” Mircea H

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