2022 was about getting back to the familiar and long craved social interactions, enjoying the time with our community, while helping ourselves and others in need. 2022 was about striving to break through for all of us. It is also about celebrating the hard work and the persistence, the steady and continuous work towards our goals, big or small.

The most rewarding part of my job is helping new families to continue their journey while opening the doors to the isoc exploration ground. Being the editor of the isoc Insight gives me the chance to “gather, pack and deliver” our community’s journey to the outside world. We have gathered “all the evidence” in these pages and we hope you enjoy reading the 19th issue of the Insight Magazine, Summer Edition.


 As always, your feedback is very much appreciated. Please feel free to send us your feedback at admissions@isoc.ro

Kind regards,

Madalina Cioc

Admissions and Communications Manager

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