isoc Alumni Association

At International School of Bucharest we take pride in the community that encompasses the isoc experience. The isoc community is diverse and enriched by people in different stages of their lives, from different nationalities, offering different perspectives and inevitably moving on to different shores.

If you attended isoc for several years or if you were only here for a trimester, if you graduated or if you did not, you will always remain an alumnus or an alumna of the school.

“Lumina Alumni Association” exists to strengthen the relationships between over a  thousand graduates of the Lumina schools (isoc, ICHB, ICHC and UESEL). With this aim Lumina Alumni will be organizing sportive, cultural and social events that will assist our graduates both in their social lives as well as their professional careers.

Please click HERE to sign-up for becoming a member of the “Lumina Alumni Association”, if you are:

  • isoc Graduate
  • Past isoc Student (Attendee)

More info of the “Lumina Alumni Association” can be found at www.absolvent.ro



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“I have attended the Int`l School of Bucharest starting all the way from pre-school up until year 11. I met great people from all around the world and I can confidently say that the time we spent there was priceless. Throughout those many years, both my teachers and my friends have made me feel like as if it was my second home. I strongly believe that isoc has contributed greatly to what I am as a person now, regarding both the knowledge that I have and the attitude I have towards life.”
Alphan Safi (University of Westminster, London, UK
“isoc has provided me with a fruitful environment that prompted me to achieve my greatest potential on an academic platform. In addition to fueling my ambition, I have developed strong ties with equally ambitious peers that even today I consider great friends. The international setting has provided me with key notions of our increasingly globalised world allowing me to develop prominent characteristics in today’s competitive work environment.”
Tarek Cheaib (University College London, London, UK)
"I spent 13 amazing years in isoc, filled with countless memories and excellent academic achievements. Coming to this school with little to no knowledge of the English language, I can now proudly say that isoc helped me become not only a native speaker, but pushed me to achieve all my academic successes thus far. I am now a Law student in a Top 50 university in the United Kingdom. isoc offered me lots of support along the years - I am extremely grateful for them.
Katy Simitzi (Brunel University London, UK)